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A - seated height

definition date less than 2005-03-31Zmore like thismore than 2005-03-31Z
revision date less than 2007-10-19Zmore like thismore than 2007-10-19Z
version date less than 2007-10-18Zmore like thismore than 2007-10-18Z
comment The distance (in m) as specified by level (miNoMax) of the furthest part of the component above the seating plane, measured in a direction perpendicular to the plane more like this
irdi 0060-414673376---SPC_1_1#02-AAG001#001 more like this
pref label seated height more like this
revision 2 more like this
defined by NXP SPC 1.0.6 more like this
range QuantitativeLevelTypeValue
type Property