NXP Packages

D - package length

definition date less than 2005-03-31Zmore like thismore than 2005-03-31Z
revision date less than 2007-10-19Zmore like thismore than 2007-10-19Z
version date less than 2007-08-03Zmore like thismore than 2007-08-03Z
The major dimension (in m) as specified by level (miNoMax) of the package, excluding terminals presented for mounting in the length direction, measured in a plane parallel to the seating plane more like this
If terminals presented for mounting in the width direction extend beyond the ends of the package body the package length includes the width of such terminals more like this
If terminals are present on one or two sides of the package only, they are deemed to extend in the width direction more like this
irdi 0060-414673376---SPC_1_1#02-AAG013#001 more like this
pref label package length more like this
revision 2 more like this
defined by NXP SPC 1.0.6 more like this
range QuantitativeLevelTypeValue
type Property